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AWT and surface curvature symmetry violation

In physics the reality is divided into particles of matter (i.e. fermions) and the particles of space and energy, (i.e. bosons). It's quite surprising, this asymmetry wasn't never disputed in terms of woman and man principle in modern physics, albeit it's quite apparent . The reason is probably political, because this analogy has too sexist connotations in its consequences: it leads to the conclusions, women will never completely equal to mans, or even worse: the situation, when they become converge in their social roles, will indicate phase transition in society, a social revolution...

When explaining the evolution of Universe and observable matter, the Aether Wave Theory is inspired by phase transition in dense particle systems, the condensation of supercritical fluids in particular . Such transition is the most subtle phase transition inside of most dense particle system, which we can study in terrestrial condition - so that most of dualities and less or more general concepts can be observed right here directly.

By AWT the general explanation of symmetry violation is, everything in observable Universe is of particle nature, including us. But we are always smaller then the rest of Universe, so we are observing particles, which are forming spacetime with oposite chiral perspective, then the particles, which are sharing this space-time together with us by the same way, like we are observing objects in mirror. At {very distant places / beginning} of our Universe generation, the space-time {appears like / has condensed into} supersymmetric form of so called graviton foam, which corresponds the first generation of density fluctuations inside of supercritical fluid. The geometry of this foam is interesting by fact, it's completelly supersymmetric, i.e. it has no difference between outer or inner surface developed, i.e. its surface curvature is infinite and all particles (a gravitons) plays a role of both bosons, both fermions.

user posted image user posted image

In real cases the symmetry of graviton foam is violated less or more lately and it will separate to the racemic mixture of matter and antimatter fermions and corresponding supersymmetric bosons, while the fermion surface will condense into particles of matter, while the rest will evaporate into energy, forming the rest of space. We can observe this for example during rain droplet condensation, where the newly created racemic mixture of droplets will separate by their critical size, given by oversaturation: after then the smaller droplets will evaporate on behalf of those larger ones, which will become condense into chiral droplets. Inside of anthropic Universe generation (i.e. the level of Aether fluctuations observable by human), the matter bellow human neuron scale (dual to CMB wavelength scale) tends to gradual evaporation, while the larger particles tends to gradual condensation instead.

The reason is, by Hairy ball theorem every tiny droplet consist from Cooper pair of quantum vortices, forming the surface of droplets - at the moment, the size of droplet increases, this symmetry is violated, while the droplets formed by odd number of vortices are preferred. This symmetry violation plays a quite significant role, until droplets remains small (analogy to neutrinos in physics), while it manifests by rather subtle way, when fermion droplets become larger (the difference between particles and antiparticles of matter is rather subtle for heavier particles) - but it never disappear completely.

Therefore the fermion droplets (a female) are always slightly heavier, quiet, more stable and social particles, while the boson droplets (a) are somewhat lightweight, movable and straightforward ones. Somewhat asocial character of bosons manifests in their competitive nature. Both kinds of particles have their structure defined by chiral spiral structure inside, which is splitted and exchanged during matting under production of children particles. We can observe this process at the case of collision of vortex rings (see the videos 1, 2 from this page), during which the daughter vortices (particles) are formed, note that the total chirality of resulting vortices is always retained during this transform by Noether theorem, which follows from momentum conservation law:

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The particle interactions aren't never quite spontaneous, they exhibit an activation energy like mercury droplets during merging, due their surface tension energy. The merging of object with positive curvature requires the temporal formation of thin neck with positive surface curvature, which is the source of repulsive force. The interactions between fermions and bosons are always more stronger, then between fermions and fermions or bosons and bosons mutually. The reason is, antisymmetric motion of Aether and Aether density compensates mutually at the case of isotropic particles, when they're appears in proximity - while at the case of supersymmetric particles it increases a causality density of Aether foam due increased energy density inbetween (a "shaking" of Aether foam between pair of particles leads to formation of gauge bosons here). This symmetry is the origin of so called charge interaction.

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The formation of supersymmetric interactions we can observe at many levels inside of our Universe. During Bang Bang the graviton foam has separated into matter and energy, during so called inflation the matter has separated further into matter and antimatter, which has evaporated gradually due its anti-gravity component, while the particles of matter condensed into atoms, forming the planet, stars and galaxies. The lepton remnant of antimatter evaporated were trapped by omni-directional expansion of space-time into clouds of so called dark matter, surrounding the observable matter.

By AWT the evolution of life is just a continuation of condensation of inorganic matter. During life formation, the first organism were formed by liposome foam, which has separated from the surface of ancient oceans. The hydrophobic surface of foam collected the matter neutral surfactants, while the chiral more polar molecules (sacharides) we cumulated inside like source of energy. Whole biosphere collect the energy of sun, converting it into matter of fossil fuels, stored beneath the Earth surface of positive curvature, while dissipating the matter of Earth into atmosphere. The formation of family can be interpreted as another degree of condensation of matter into foam or liposome condensate, where the females which prefer more social interactions prefers to move in proximity, while the movable and far seeing males prefers to stay outside of their homes. While the division of labor following from sexual dimorphism may sound well for many male sexists, feminists can feel payed by compliment, which renders females as creatures of somewhat higher degree of condensation, i.e. material evolution.

In accordance with this, the boson particles (males, electrons) tends to collect living matter from larger distance for food, while less movable fermion particles (females, protons) collect the inorganic matter and energy sources (fuel) from proximity like gatherers. It corresponds the social role of womans, which are giving birth and they don't like the animal killing more, then males, who are hunters by their very nature. As a boson particle, the mans have a better relations to material world, as they're producing tools, while consuming energy, while females are rather tools consumers, they cater to warm house and they have stronger relationship to animals - especially these non-carnivorous ones (horses).

In relation to neighboring material world, females are more convex (and complex) particles then males, animals are less convex, then males, but more convex, then inorganic matter and inorganic matter is more convex, then energy. Albeit at the Planck/cosmological scales we can face some supersymmetry here, because for example the most lightweight particles are behaving like most curved ones in respect to both ends of space-time curvature scale, while from the human scale perspective they're more close to photons, instead. We'll discuss later, how the surface curvature of particles affect their behavior and mutual interactions later in more details.

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AWT and the quest for HT superconductivity

The interpretation of high temperature superconductivity by Aether theory is surprisingly easy - so it's apparent, just the common skepticism in particle models in physics has caused, such interpretation wasn't considered before years already. The forces between highly compressed electrons are compensating mutually, which leads into chaotic motion of charged particles, where energy can propagate in waves only, i.e. via bosons, formed by foamy particle condensate. Such system is indeed difficult to handle by explicit formal models indeed - but ab-initio computer simulations of quantum waves of many particles should reveal this behavior without problem - it's somewhat surprising, they weren't made already even in context of existing theories.

Anyway, to prepare condensed electron system isn't so trivial, as the "slippery" electrons cannot be simply compressed inside of vessel by piston, because they can pass through matter rather freely. For this purpose we can use a positively charged atoms, which attracts the electrons like money thrown into crowd attracts the people - the moment, when people starts to fight for free access is an analogy of quantum chaos, which we want form in electron cloud. The hole dopant atoms in semiconductor lattice can play a role of bait for electrons: the large group of holes attracts neighboring electrons, so they condensing around them. This model considers, electrons can move rather freely through lattice:

Unfortunately, the formation of isolated islands of condensed electrons isn't enough for establishing of superconductivity. Instead of this, so called the pseudogap state is formed, when the material exhibits most of bulk properties characteristic for true superconductors, but still hasn't a zero resistivity - this behavior is still a puzzle for mainstream physics, although its interpretation is easy in AWT. The increasing of hole density in general leads to the decreasing of the pressure inside of spherical islands and formation of metallic state, which is non-superconductive in general (the metals with spherical Fermi surface aren't good in superconductivity in general). Instead of this, a highly asymmetric lattices are preferred here, which are enabling the formation so called hole stripes. Under proper doping level, a less or more continuous superconducting phase can be formed successfully. The relatively sparse superlattice character of YBaCuO mixed oxide structure provides necessary distance separation of hole stripes. Repulsive forces of electrons inside of stripes must remain balanced by binding forces of remaining atoms.

It's apparent, the true room temperature superconductors must be formed a 3D superlattice of holes, injected into material in nanometer resolution - which isn't so easy to produce by contemporary technologies inside of regular crystals. Foam character of electron condensate manifests by formation of double walled anti-parallel spin domains along hole stripes in accordance to Colin Humphreys theory. We can consider them as a product of many Cooper pairs condensation along hole stripes, so that BCS/BEC theories still have their common point here.

The increasing level of doping manifests itself by transition from semi-ordered anti-ferromagnetic state in which magnetic layers are interspersed with non-magnetic layers. When the doping level is increased, magnetic ordering is suppressed on behalf of chaotic Fermi fluid near hole stripes and pseudogap in volume phase manifests itself. When the doping level increases even more, the pressure of neighboring atoms and degree of electron condensation may not be sufficient to maintain chaotic state anymore and the superconductor goes to metallic or even nonconducting state again. Bellow is the example of fractal principle, in which hole superlattices can be produced from ceramic precursors.

The surprising consequence of Aether model of HT superconductivity is, formation of superconductive phase isn't restricted just to solid phase. The electrons can condense even along surface of doped semiconductors, thus forming a superconductive channels around it. In such case, the formation of superconductive phase is even much more easier due the absence of atoms, prohibiting in electron free motion. It's virtually whole new approach to superconductivity at all.

Surprisingly enough, this mechanism was already revealed by prof. Johan F. Prins in 2002, who studied ion injection into diamonds (NS article, refusal). The n-doped diamonds are known for their very low work function due the strength of covalent C-C bonds. Therefore n-doped diamond binds a redundant electrons weakly and it can serve as a material for cold discharge cathodes, for example. At the moment, some oxygen ions are injected into diamond lattice by using of high voltage discharge, the hole atoms are attracting the surface electrons by such a way, they create a superconductive channels at the surface of diamond, which can be manifested both by zero resistivity in micrometer scale, both by Meissner-Ochsenfeld effect, because the surface of plasma treated diamonds repels the magnetic micro-particles reportedly.

Surprisingly these fundamental findings have met with rather low attention in scientific community so far, probably due somewhat dissenter approach of prof. Prins toward mainstream science, the quantum mechanics and BSC theory in particular (1, 2 -the fact, some theory cannot be applied to particular situation doesn't always mean, this theory is wrong). We can met with the same situation here, like at the case of Heim theory, antigravity or cold fusion research: the hysteresis of skepticism and peer-review based approach of mainstream science isn't very good in separation of progressive ideas from these crackpot ones. Of course, the delays in research resulting from pathological skepticism are of the very same cost, like the false belief in void speculations - they just cannot be calculated by explicit way.

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How much Universe appears clever for us?

By AWT the Universe appears as infinite random field of nested density fluctuations. The chaotic systems are usually perceived as a counterpart of highly intelligent systems, but this stance can be misleading. For example, from perspective of ancient people or our animal pets the modern civilization and human behavior would appear a highly chaotic and unpredictable, because these unconscious observers would lack insights, about hidden motivations of people in many nested dimensions. The introduction of hidden dimensions can be modeled by projection of regularly rotating rod in 3D into 2D plane: the motion of rod shadow will always appear more chaotic then the motion of original rod. And the image of rod will appear shortened in average - so it will resemble the chaotic motion of zero dimensional Aether particles more closely (a holographic intepretation of quantum mechanics and Universe is based on such insight, too). Therefore the density fluctuations inside of gas ("strings" or "branes") can be modelled by projection of causual waves in higher dimensions as a caustics energy density patterns into our low-dimensional reality.

Therefore we can imagine, the motion inside of fields of nested density fluctuations is highly deterministic from sufficiently general perspective, because the chaotic motion of these "unparticles" is just driven by many interactions at the same moment, so that such particles reflect all changes of environment immediately and exactly, being lightweight sufficiently. We can say, the intelligence of people is limited just because they cannot reflect all changes of their environment by sufficiently fast and farseeing way - while all these clever elementary particle can. This is the reason, why the evolution of nonliving matter occurs in substantially wider range of conditions, then the evolution (a condensation) of organic matter (while the later occurs much faster, indeed) - these smarty particles are apparently a quite well adopted to their environment already!

From this dual perspective the fully chaotic Universe appears as infinitely intelligent system instead (a sort of an omnipresent and omniscient God), whereas the human intelligence is just a tiny part of it, concentrated into tiny space-time by long-term evolution. Such insight renders various deistic and transhumanistic approaches a quite relevant by the same way, like the idea, the civilization runs as a simulation. Unfortunately, these approaches are too radical and as such unbalanced and distant from everyday perspective, so it's not so easy to derive some testable predictions by using them, with compare to AWT. Instead of it - as we can see - these ideas can be derived from AWT concepts easily by logical way.

The title question is related closely to question, why the Universe appears so well fitted and balanced for human life evolution? By AWT this observation isn't accidental at all, because every causal condensate would perceive its neighborhood as a best fitted to its needs, being a product of its evolution. By AWT every anthropic view of reality is balanced by insight, the Universe is just a product of human illusions, so we are seeing the Universe as a best place for life simply because we tend to ignore the other lethal combinations subconsciously, the parallelized information mediated by longitudinal waves in particular.

"I feeling"/ego corresponds the total reflection phenomena, where waves are bouncing from internal wall of every density gradient in this perspective. Only when this density gradient is sufficiently intensive (i.e. intelligent) a total reflection can occur. From AWT perspective of Boltzmann brain an interesting connection follows: every sufficiently large piece of random chaos can become intelligent automatically and it will interact with the rest of it by the similar way, like we are observing our Universe.

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Is science like democracy?

This post is a reaction to TED lecture of Lee Smolin from 2003, which was republished recently at YouTube. In fact, I was quite surprised, how deeply Mr. Smolin recognized the connection between society and spin network of Aether fluctuations, on which the Aether independent logic of LQG theory is based.

Of course, the title question is highly political, because for many mainstream science proponents is rather unpleasant to admit, such proclamativelly objective organization like science is driven by inter-subjective meaning of scientists like sectarian community, rather then by bare facts - despite of their origin. Such stance is somewhat idealistic or even hypocritical, indeed - because just these members are refuting or even proactivelly denying the introduction of new ideas into mainstream from outside, especially from so-called cranks. These proponents are labeling the opponents purportedly by this (often quite rude) way, and they've developed a various lists of ad-hoced criterions (1, 2), analogous to Malleus maleficarum handbook from medieval times, which could help them to distinguish the harmful people violating the scientific integrity without having familiar with their ideas at all. These proponents are often masquerading like proper skeptics, while exhibiting one or more symptoms of pathological disbelief. The sectarian character of mainstream community is feeded by educational system, as we can demonstrate somewhat later.

Unfortunately mainstream science - the theoretical physics in particular - is rather close to sectarian society being the non-profit organization dependent on mandatory fees more, then other parts of free market society. But the stance, the science is dependent to inter-subjective meaning like democracy follows directly from so-called scientific method based on peer-review and Popper's methodology, by which theories simply have no place in science, only facts - because theories could be never considered proven with certainty. But the decision, what is still fact and what is just a theory is fully arbitrary here and it depends on the inter-subjective consensus of scientific community. It can be demonstrated easily by number of boundary phenomena, like the homeopathy, various psychic phenomena or cold fusion, which are refuted by mainstream science proponents for years - not saying about Aether concept and many others.

For example, mainstream science decided before years, Aether doesn't exist, because its motion should be observable by using of light - which wasn't confirmed experimentally with sufficient precision. But the analogy of light waves in vacuum are waves at wave surface and by using of such waves surface can be never observed, because is serving as a space for them already. Therefore the negative result of M-M experiment and others cannot serve as a ultimate evidence against Aether concept.

Therefore, Mr. Smolin is right in large extent and mainstream science still depends on inter-subjective opinion heavily, thus exhibiting a character of democracy or even meritocracy. Simply because facts are rarely considered by science, only interpretations of facts - exactly the opposite, what the scientific method should be. This is logical consequence of tautological character of symmetry in Poppers methodology, where each negation of some theory becomes another theory, which should be tested independently. From this perspective Poppers methodology doesn't bring any ultimate criterion of the validity of so-called scientific approach and Mr. Smolin is quite right in his point, something like scientific method doesn't exists, in fact.

In analogy to previous example, the famous M-M experiment "proving the absence of Aether reliably" should by still handled with caution, because the absence of Aether wasn't, what the M-M experiment has measured, exactly - such conclusion is just a weak interpretation of its result and this interpretation can be mistaken by the same way, like whatever other interpretation or theory. Unfortunately, many mainstream science proponents are driven by tendency of pathological disbelief to deny, rather than doubt, their approach to reality is biased - so that Aether concept was thrown out of science for more then one century.

With compare to above, AWT introduces a concept of so-called pluralities, which are generalization of dualities used in quantum field theories. Dualities are originally a concept of projective geometry, which can be called an "perspective of interpretation" or "point of view". The significant point here is, the things often appear reciprocal from reciprocal perspective. The simplest example is Maldacena duality: when you're sitting inside of gravitational lens, the path of light appears straight, the space-time appears curved for you and everything appears OK from relativity perspective.

But whenever we are observing the same phenomena from outside, everything will change: here no signs of time dilatation and curved space - but the path of light appears curved, instead. This leads to the Lorentz symmetry violation, the causality violation (you can see a multiple images/consequences of the same phenomena) and other effects following from quantum mechanics. The nested Aether foam concept introduces a concept of pluralities here. This doesn't mean, the causality of scientific thinking is violated - it just means, it strictly depends on the observational perspective, the postulate set chosen in particular. By AWT every rule violates itself in less or more global scale, the progressive approach of mainstream science becomes brake of the further evolution less or more lately and the roles of intuitive and formal thinking alternates during such evolution, thus forming a nested phases of Aether foam. Such behavior can be demonstrated by relation of interactions inside of nested fields of density gradients to Goedel incompleteness theorem and the liar paradox. By such way, AWT reconciles the positivistic philosophy of many mainstream proponents with constructivism of Lee Smolin and others independent scientists.

Mr. Lee Smolin basically said, most difficult thing in science is to admit, someone else could have his piece of truth. By AWT the theories is behaving like condensate of neural waves inside of human brains, which are intensifying the information spreading by such a way, we can compare it to density blob, focusing the information spreading around it like optical lens. But the very same effect makes a communities of different theorists mutually intolerant, because such gradient exhibits a "surface tension", which leads to repulsive interactions, which we can observe at the case of mercury droplets easily. Occasionally, such community can close itself into sectarian informational singularity due total reflection phenomena, occurring at the surface of such causality blob. thus changing itself into boson condensate. Such singularity is formed by systematic censorship and personal relationships (a biased view attracts another people with biased view and their actions are synergistic) - so that only single-minded opinions will prevail at the end by selection. Such selection occurs even during fall of matter into black holes, which are collecting just a denses parts of matter, while radiating the rest at the form of so called accretion radiation. Most groups in blogosphere exhibit the very same behavior.

"Autoritätsdusel ist der größte Feind der Wahrheit," Albert Einstein, 1901

If it's so, isn't it strange, why just mainstream science is meritocracy driven?

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Is Earth at the heart of a giant cosmic void?

This post is a reaction to the NewScientist article of the same name. By AWT the Universe is behaving like interior of very dense star, where the energy spreads along surfaces of foamy density fluctuations, similar to those, which we can observe during condensation of every dense particle system. Now we can start to think:

"If such environment would be completely homogeneous, could we see something from it?"

Of course not - our ability to see some matter or phenomena is given by the fact, the randomness of system is violated in certain space and/or time. For example, we can see a laser ray in atmosphere just because such atmosphere is a bit inhomogeneous. The laser ray on the picture bellow is FASOR used at the Starfire Optical Range for LIDAR and laser guide star experiments is tuned to the sodium D2a line and used to excite sodium atoms in the upper atmosphere. In vacuum we could never see some ray from outside.


But the very same reason, which enables us to see the stars, red shift or expansion of Universe means, it's related to some dispersion and divergence in less or more distant perspective. It's tic for tat: if you want to see at least something predictable and regular, such regularity and symmetry would be always broken in less or more distant perspective (compare the geometry of density blog interactions, as described herein). It means, when we can see a light of distant stars, it's just because the vacuum contains some inhomogeneities, which can serve for causal energy spreading in transversal waves. But just these inhomogeneities are the very reason, why such causality is violated in less or more distant perspective, because you cannot separate causal fluctuations of vacuum from these random ones.

Therefore the light of distant stars appears reddish, and the speed of this redness is accelerated with distance (and the speed of its speed as well). This is because the same reason, which serves for light spreading is the reason of its dispersion, which we can perceive as a red shift and expansion of space-time. We can observe it as a omni-directional Universe expansion. And this expansion even proceeds the faster, the farther is the distance, from which we are observing it. We are calling it a dark energy. By AWT our ability to see at least something is always connected with nonlinearity of this observation in less or more global perspective. Of course, this cannot serve as an evidence of geocentric model, because it's merely an observational illusion, which is relative to each observer in Universe. We can compare to keeping of lantern inside of dense fog: after then our Universe would appear like spherical zone of iluminated fog symmetric to our location, no matter when we are staying right now.

In fact, we should observe the very same effects even at the water surface, when we would use the surface water waves as the only source of information about our neigbourhood, because water surface is never quite homogeneous, as it always contains a Brownian noise fluctuations. But these density fluctuations cannot be seen from surface wave perspective directly, they would appear like quantum chaos instead by deforming the images of other objects at proximity.

How ancient physics was reborn

Main purpose of this post is just to track rather fast re-introduction of ancient Aether model (possibly under influence of AWT concepts) into mainstream science again by using of online available sources. It means, this list is biased toward AWT concepts and only links to other articles with minimal comments will be presented here and the list will be extended gradually regarding to public proposals:
  1. Principia Discordia (1958)
    Discordianism is based on pantheistic idea, that chaos is all that there is, and that order and disorder are both illusions (a multiple-ego solipsism).
  2. More is different (Aug, 4, 1972)
    P.W. Anderson suggested the fundamental principle of emergence, i.e. that ‘More is Different’, meaning that complex physical systems may exhibit behavior, that cannot be understood only in terms of the laws governing their microscopic constituents. Later this claim was strengthened by proving that many macroscopic observable properties of infinite periodic Ising lattice cannot in general be derived from a it's microscopic description.
  3. Multi-Level Cosmology (1984)
    Linguist Mark Hucko proposed an alternate cosmological theory, based on multi-level Universe concept, which was elaborated recently by Wiltshire, Leith and others and which follows directly from AWT.
  4. Thermodynamics of Spacetime: The Einstein Equation of State (Apr 4, 1995 )
    T.A. Jacobson found equivalence Einstein field equation of general relativity and thermodynamic state equation ΔQ=TdS connecting heat, entropy, and temperature by using a Raychaudhuri equation and the proportionality relation between area and entropy for acceleration horizon. This perspective was generalized recently by Brustein and Hadad and it follows to Universe model composed of ideal Boltzmann gas, for which enthropy was defined originally.
  5. Fabric of reality (March 1997)
    Physicist David Deutsch proposed causual foam concept named after his book, promoting the multiverse, computational, epistemological, and evolutionary principles.
  6. Superfluid helium as a vacuum (Jun 1, 1998)
    Slava Grebenev and colleagues found that small molecules dissolved in droplets of liquid helium can rotate freely, just like they do in a vacuum.
  7. Return of the Aether (Jan 1, 1999)
    Dr. Sid Deutsch in his book makes sense out "quantum weirdness" by resurrecting a long-buried 19th century scientific concept. Only the 140-year-old idea of the ether, brought up to date to to fit modern theory, can explain these gaps.
  8. Ether Re-emerges as the Je Ne Sais Quoi of Physics (Feb 2, 1999)
    Malcom W. Browne in reaction to Dr. Frank Wilczek's issue of Physics Today in NYT article states, "'Empty' space is anything but empty; the ether lives on."
  9. Shock-wave cosmology inside a black hole (June 23, 2002)
    Joel Smoller and Blake Temple proposed mechanism of Universe formation by collision of shock waves during black hole formation, which follows from Aether wave theory, until we consider black hole a material object.
  10. Shock-wave cosmology inside a black hole (October 17, 2002)
    J. Smoller and B. Temple are presenting a shock-wave solutions, indicating a cosmological model in which the big bang arises from a localized explosion occurring inside the black hole of an asymptotically flat Schwarzschild spacetime in analogy to expyrotic cosmology.
  11. Cosmology from the Top Down (May 29, 2003)
    In his talk, Prof. S. Hawking presents observer dependent "top down" cosmology, in which universe exhibits an infinite number of histories and futures, which is consistent with AWT dispersive model of omnidirectional Universe expansion, as proposed first by J.C.Cranwell in about 2004.
  12. Process Physics: From Information Theory to Quantum Space and Matter (June 2003)
    Prof. Reg Cahill in his book presents a dynamic model, where space and matter are seen to emerge from a fundamentally random but self-organising system in a process semantic information modelling.
  13. New Theory: Universe Was Born in a Black Hole (17 September, 2003)
    Blake Temple says, the universe will emerge from all this as something like an exploded star, called a supernova, but on an enormously large scale. Einstein's equations work equally well if time runs forward or backwards. But explosive shockwaves, which include an increase in entropy, are time-irreversible. The new theory satisfies Einstein's equations reportedly, while allowing universe to expand. Compare recent podcast of Brian Greene.
  14. Spacetime and strings as an emergent phenomena (October 9, 2004)
    Ed Witten: "One thing I can tell you, though, is that most string theorist’s suspect that spacetime is a emergent Phenomena in the language of condensed matter physics". Well, not all of them, but it doesn't change the point.
  15. Final step towards the theory of everything (August 29, 2005)
    AWT was presented first in public on physforum.com, most of this discussion is archived here..
  16. An echo of black holes (November 25, 2005)
    By Dr. W. Unruh analogy sound waves in a fluid behave uncannily like light waves in space. Black holes even have acoustic counterparts. T.A. Jacobson and R. Parentani are speculating, could spacetime literally be a kind of fluid, like the ether of pre-Einsteinian physics?
  17. Life inside a black hole (10 February, 2006)
    Paul Wesson speculates about a way for you to live inside a black hole: find one that has five dimensions...
  18. Luminiferous aether and physical motivation (May 18, 2006)
    Lubos Motl represents his satiety by fact, "101 years after the discovery of special relativity, some people still think that the luminiferous aether was a well motivated idea"...
  19. You are made of space-time (12 August, 2006)
    An popular article about LQG theory and Smolin, Markopoulou and Bilson-Thompson approach to the foamy structure of space-time, driven by causual triangulation of the dynamic mesh of quantum loops.
  20. Ether Theory Challenges "Invisible Mass" (September 8, 2006)
    Glenn Starkman explains, why the presence of ether in the universe better explains the galaxies' behavior with compare to dark matter and dark energy
  21. Single-particle interference observed for macroscopic objects (September 26, 2006)
    Yves Couder and Emmanuel Fort have managed iconic double slit experiment of quantum mechanics in macroscopic particle system formed by silicon oil drop at undulating watter surface, which models probability waves of particle-particle interactions (see video section of Couder's presentations). An upcoming paper of Couder's group in PRL even suggests a quantum tunneling analogy with ordinary droplets.
  22. The universe is a string-net liquid (15 Mar, 2007)
    Wen and Levin are introducing an idea, what if electrons were not really elementary, but were formed at the ends of long "strings" of other, fundamental particles? They formulated a model in which such strings are free to move "like noodles in a soup" and weave together into huge "string-nets".
  23. Mathematician suggests extra dimensions are time-like (April 17, 2007)
    In a recent study, mathematician George Sparling examines a fundamental question of the nature of space and time. Sparling offers an alternative idea: space-time may have six dimensions, with the extra two being time-like.
  24. A Two-Time Universe? (May 15, 2007)
    USC College theoretical physicist Itzhak Bars has pioneered efforts to discern how a second dimension of time could help physicists better explain the laws of nature. (compare the Vafa's F-theory)
  25. Professor proposes theory of unparticle physics (June 11, 2007)
    Howard Georgi, a physicist at Harvard University, has published a two papers on so-called unparticles physics - a formal geometry model of scale invariant density fluctuations of Aether gas.
  26. Liquid computing theory.. (July 25, 2007)
    The brain works like a pond in which stones are thrown. The waves caused by this don't disappear immediately, but rather overlap with each other and collect information about how many stones were thrown in and how big they were. The main difference is just that the waves in the brain spread in a network of neurons and at very high speed.
  27. The Void.. (October, 2007)
    Frank Close, a Professor of Physics at Oxford University introduces a picture of space-time as acting like an elastic medium, which is reminiscent of the very ether that Einstein's work on electromagnetic radiation (p. 89).
  28. Dark Energy Explained? Maybe If Universe Is Like a Black Hole.. (October 08, 2007)
    By physicist J.W. Lee the mysterious dark energy seems to be forcing the universe to accelerate its expansion stems from the resemblance of Universe to "time reversed" black hole (compare the NS article here).
  29. New-School 'Aether' May Shed Light on Neutron Stars (October 10, 2007)
    The UM group proposes, that an aether concept may still have a place in physics: not representing a medium for light waves, but a universal preferred frame of reference that is physical in nature. Unfortunatelly, a vector-field is rather formally understood concept here.
  30. Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything (6 Nov, 2007)
    A. Garrett Lisi is publishing a paper on his "An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything", based on explanation of particle generations by rotation of E8 Lie group, describing the most dense arrangenement of particles, formed by density fluctuation of another particles, recursivelly. (a more detailed NS article, a L. Motl's comments)
  31. Emergent spacetimes (28 Nov, 2007)
    Silke Weinfurtner in his thesis disputes a possibility, that perfect fluid sphere geometry of spacetime may be an emergent phenomenon, which has been motivated by the Analogue Gravity programme.
  32. Inhomogeneous Vacuum: An Alternative Interpretation of Curved Spacetime (14 Jan, 2008)
    After one hundred years after Einstein's “refractive” approach to gravitational light-bending and seventy years of first gravitational lens observation, strong similarities between the light propagation in a curved spacetime and that in a medium with graded refractive index were revealed. It was pointed out, that a curved spacetime is equivalent to an inhomogeneous vacuum for light propagation.
  33. Fiber-Optical Analog of the Event Horizon (March 7, 2008)
    This experimental work demonstrated, that physics of vacuum at the event horizon is analogy to spreading of waves in moving media and event horizons are formed where the local speed of the medium exceeds the wave velocity. By sending of ultrashort pulses into foamy structure of optical fibers was demonstrated the blue-shifting of light at a white-hole horizon and that system is capable of probing the quantum effects of horizons, in particular Hawking radiation.
  34. Using Causality to Solve the Puzzle of Quantum Spacetime (June 25, 2008)
    If we think of empty spacetime as some immaterial substance, consisting of a very large number of minute, structureless pieces, and if we then let these microscopic building blocks interact with one another according to simple rules dictated by gravity and quantum theor, a new approach to the decades-old problem of quantum gravity goes back to basics and shows how the building blocks of space and time pull themselves together. (readers response).
  35. The straw man of quantum physics (October 15, 2008)
    Peter Morgan points out, the violation of Bell inequalities rules out the straw man class of classical particle property models but leaves untouched the more significant class of classical random field models (discussion).
  36. The Lightness of Being: Mass, Ether, and the Unification of Forces (October 22, 2008)
    Some physicists (especially those interested in LQCD) theorize, that space is highly structured by the grid, which is the primary ingredient of physical reality and the substance from which all physical matter is formed. F. Wilczek says, the grid is a conceptual descendant of ether, that mysterious substance scientists once believed filled empty space. 
  37. Why Einstein was wrong about relativity (October 29, 2008)
    Mitchell Feigenbaum insists that Einstein's theory has nothing to do with light - whatever history and the textbooks might say. "Not only is it not necessary," he says, "but there's absolutely no room in the theory for it." Compare the R. Close's derivation of Lorentz transform by using of clock, based on wave spreading. By AWT the position of light is still somewhat special, as it forms the fastest interaction, mediating the causal information spreading for us. 
  38. Emergent Electroweak Gravity (December 15, 2008)
    Bob McElrath proposes emergent model of gravity, caused by gradients of primordial neutrino flux, thus following classical Newton's Aether and Fotio-LeSage theory of gravity. 
  39. Quantum Gravity at a Lifshitz Point (January 2, 2009)
    Inspired by phase transitions of condensed matter physics, Petr Hořava has constructed a model where space-time characteristic of relativity emerges at low energy/long distances which is able to be renormalized in a way GR itself cannot be. In a second paper, Hořava discusses that the theory has a feature from the model known as Causal Dynamical Triangulations. Hořava’s papers have led to a burst of activity on Arxiv in recent months and to a brief mention of his work in SciAm magazine.
  40. Black holes grew up before galaxies (January 7, 2009)
    New Scientist's article disputes the idea, proposed three years before, the large black holes were formed before galaxies (a "dark energy star" concept is still considered in this connection, though).
  41. A bizarre universe may be lurking in the shadows (March 04, 2009)
    By AWT antimatter never disappear from observable Universe, it was only finely divided (evaporated) into streaks of dark matter. This prediction was presented a two years before and now recent ATIC and PAMELA observations seems to support it, while interpreting the source as a result of WIMPs anihillation (compare the AWT explanation here).
  42. Remarks on the world-sheet saga (Jun 11, 2009)
    From Schroer's general reasoning follows, only 0-dimensional particles are acceptable building blocks in physics. So string theory must be a theory of point-like particle fields with infinitely many components, too. It follows that one can never include winding modes even if the target space is not simply connected and there is no T-duality.
  43. Mimicking celestial mechanics in metamaterials (July 20, 2009)
    In this experiments it has been proposed a link of energy spreading through GaInAsP metamaterial sponge to celesial mechanics, the spreading of light through vacuum in particular (formation of event horizon a photon sphere of black holes, etc.. - compare the AWT explanation here).
  44. The invariant set postulate (June 29, 2009)
    Tim Palmer proposes a new geometric framework for the foundations of quantum theory and the role played by gravity based on assumption, observable reality forms a smaller fractal subset of states in more general state space (supposedly in simmilar way, like observable density fluctutuations of gas are forming subset of many uobservable states of individual molecules).
  45. A Condensed Matter Interpretation of SM Fermions and Gauge Fields (August 9, 2009)
    In Schmelzer's intepretation not only the EM field, but all fermions (quarks as well as leptons) and all forces are described by waves of the ether.  
  46. Ultraviolet Behavior of N=8 Supergravity at Four Loops (August 17, 2009)
    Group of string theorists demonstrated, by combining desirable aspects of string theory and point-like particles they can escape the problem of infinities (viewpoint).
  47. Splitting Time from Space (November 24, 2009)
    New quantum theory of Peter Hořava topples Einstein's spacetime. Unzipping the fabric of spacetime and harking back to 19th-century notions of time could lead to a theory of quantum gravity.
  48. On the Origin of Gravity and the Laws of Newton (January 6, 2010)
    Erik Verlinde’s in arXiv preprint argues that the emergent description of gravity as being due to the exchange of closed strings can no longer be valid. In fact, it appears that strings have to be emergent too.
  49. Quantum Space Theory (April 6, 2010)
    is introducing some concepts of AWT, like the ideal gas, density gradient of space or dispersive model of red shift (TED lecture). In his own words, Thad Roberts developed his theory, while sitting in the prison for selling of NASA lunar samples stolen.

sobota 15. listopadu 2008

CP invariance violation and chirality of life

The question of biological homochirality consist in fact, most of live organism are collecting the right-handed D-saccharides as a source of energy, while being formed by left-handed L-amino-acids, which are only accepted for food. The switching of protein chirality may even become fatal, as we know from tragics consequences of accidental racemization of Thalidomide drug.

Life chirality problem can be solved in more steps. A most general question is, why the organisms are accepting the matter and energy in different ways, at second we should explain, why the energy and building blocks molecules differs in chirality, while the third (apparently more difficult question) is, why just the D-sugars and L-amino-acids are accepted by living creatures, but not vice-versa.

The first question isn't so apparent in this moment, but it's connected to dual character of stable forms of matter, which are divided into fermions (female) and boson (male) particles (elements). Both males, both females are occupying their homes/shells/nests, which can be interpreted as sinuses formed by building blocks. In social species, the females are collecting a building blocks, while males are foraging another energy sources preferably. The second question is related to problem, why the building blocks are usually collected from local sources or proximity, while food and energy sources are collected from longer distance and the third problem is related to question, why females tends to forage a food and building blocks, while the males are specialized in collecting of energy sources preferably, usually from outside of their homes.

We can observe an apparent chirality in SU(3) Young polyominos defined in 3D by 2x2x2 Jourdan triade matrix of mutual male/female, mass/energy and proximity/distance dualities, which follows from the fact, the males are movable like energy supplies (a prey) and therefore they appear at the longer distance from homes. This chirality is repeated in many fractal levels, because the fermion particles are serving as a food/energy supplies for subsequent nested levels of food chain.

By AWT the concept of CP invariance violation and chirality of life are closely related by concept of foam, composed of walls/membranes of nonzero thickness. The particles are formed by standing wave packets, spreading along surfaces of these membranes, but the situation of inner and outer surface isn't always very same.

The particles formed by inner gradients of Aether foam membranes are always of higher space-time curvature and mass/energy density, then these outer ones. During condensation of foam the particles formed by inner surfaces will condense into fermions - while the rest of matter will evaporate instead into particles of energy, i.e. the bosons. While total chirality is retained, the evaporating bosons are formed by super-symmetric anti-particles preferably. By AWT during Universe formation (a Big-Bang event) a symmetric graviton foam was formed first. This foam was formed by membranes with (nearly) no preference in concave or convex curvature. The similar foam is formed at the beginning of supercritical fluid condensation.


Whenever the density of graviton foam has increased, a second phase transition has occurred, so called the inflation. During this a system was formed, consisting of nested density fluctuations separated by membranes, composed by adjacent pair of surface gradients. After then the condensation of matter has separated into two branches. A density fluctuations formed by inner walls of foam branes have continued in condensation, forming a dense particles of observable matter. While the second portion of particles has evaporated instead into anti-symmetric bosons, which formed the sparse streaks of dark matter.

We can assume, the very same process has repeated later during life formation. By AWT the life was formed in so-called liposomes, formed by fragmentation of tiny oily droplets at the stormy surface of ancient oceans. Every liposome is very small (i.e. of high surface curvature) and it has a double surface, formed by hydrophobic membranes. In such system, the surface tension phenomena cannot be neglected, because the highly concave surface exhibits so-called superhydrophobicity, so it repels the carbohydrate molecules with many -OH functional groups, which are collected preferably inside of liposome. While the building blocks of organic matter, i.e. the amino-acids with hydrophobic radicals should adsorb at the outer surface of liposome, preferably. This forms natural condition for spatial arrangement of t-RNA components at the phase interface of liposomes. They should probably form spontaneously in thin dispersion of lipids in solution of aminoacids and ribose mixture.

The chirality of liposome follows from so called Hairy ball theorem: every surface of droplet should contain an at least two quantum vortices (an analogy of Cooper pairs condensation in solid state physics) and these vortices are of opposite chirality due the geometry reasons. So that the chiral molecules should separate on both surfaces of liposome by its helicity. For liposomes of larger diameter there is higher number of quantum vortices just at the outer surface of liposome, which is always slightly larger due the nonzero thickness of lipid bilayer (a liposome membrane).

By such way, a chiral organic molecules should obtain their distribution from the very beginning of liposome formation, i.e. it's not accidental, one-shot process depending on panspermia event - but in quite reversible process, which should be replicated in experiments both in supercritical fluid or boson condensate systems, both in liposome dispersions in laboratory conditions. This explanation supports the contemporary models of terrestrial life formation, by which sponges are one of the first multicellular organisms. By AWT the life was formed from liposome foam and the ancient sponges are just another nested phase of it (i.e. sponge of cellular sponge by the same way, like atom nuclei are formed by quantum foam of smaller strings, etc..).

Energy spreads by slowest speed just along foam surfaces, so AWT prefers atemporal fractal foam structures during gradual evolution of complexity over other geometries and the above findings are consistent with this concept.

čtvrtek 13. listopadu 2008

Was relativity proved by quantum mechanics phenomena?

The fractal character of nested Aether foam leads to the formation of dualities from human logic perspective. Consecutive logic of human thinking is dual to intuition, which is collective result of many synapses actions at the same time. Therefore by human logic the observable reality is described strictly by surface gradients and transversal wave spreading (so called "gradient driven reality"), while the information mediated by longitudinal waves of many particles is perceived as a "quantum chaos". Therefore Aether appears as composed from layers of causal membranes, surrounded/alternated by gradually more chaotic particle field and vice-versa. Human understanding consists of formal theories dualities, alternated by zones of intuitive understanding / philosophy, which are forming an uncrossable barriers between both theories from formal math perspective due their divergence into landscapes of infinite many solutions. On the other hand, every tendency to describe the universe by formal theory with infinite exactness leads into scrambled perceiving of reality as well, because of mixed inner/outer perspectives during interpretation of individual theories.

The supersymmetric situations, when formal model was used as a logical explanation of dual theory and vice-versa were not so rare in history of physics. The so-called geocentric model of Ptolemy was formalized by introducing of epicycles concept by Tycho de Brahe up to precision, which could serve for astronomical predictions well. Therefore Galileo opponents, the proponents of Holy Church in particular have objected to Galileo by predictability of geocentric model, which could serve as an indirect confirmation of its logical validity. How we know today, this logic was quite weak from observational perspective - but still not quite wrong from more AWT perspective.

The very same situation has repeated in physics at the beginning of 20th century, when Einstein has come with his relativity theory. With respect to relativity, the quantum mechanics is dual theory in many aspects. Therefore is nothing strange, Einstein has opposed quantum mechanics violently, especially its concept of quantum uncertainty ("God does not play dices with the universe.", EPR paradox) by the similar way, like many string theorists are objecting the LQG theory by now. The relativistic aberration (observed first by Eddington, 1921) and gravitational lensing (observed by F. Zwicky 1932) are both considered as iconic phenomena of general relativity. Therefore we can expect, Einstein would be quite surprised by claim, the relativistic aberration or gravitational lensing are quantum mechanics phenomena, not relativity effects. While such stance appears ridiculous (both effects were predicted and computed just by using of relativity) - exactly the opposite appears correct from AWT perspective!

The main problem is, the gravitational lensing was interpreted as a result of space-time curvature, which should manifest itself by time dilatation, which was never measured directly. From strictly causal perspective, only the curvature of light path can be measured due the local character of (special) relativity theory. By special relativity the light is always spreading by constant speed through vacuum, so no refraction phenomena should be observed both at macroscopic scale, both at microscopic scale, if we consider, the elementary particles are pinpoint objects, surrounded by vacuum, too. The observer, falling into black hole would see the speed of light unchanged and straightforward even at the case, he would encircled the black hole together with photons, thus effectively staying at rest from more general perspective. As we can see, every local postulate violates explicit theory from more general perspective less or more lately.

The quantum gravity character of relativistic aberration follows from the fact, the fragmentation of image by gravity lens introduces a multiverse aspect into observation, because it makes the observed object location uncertain, thus violating a single-time arrow causality and Lorentz symmetry. By such way, prof. Einstein succeeded in persuasion of mainstream physics community about validity of relativity theory by using of experiment, which can be interpreted as a direct violation of Lorentz invariance and relativity as such..;-) We can compare it to the "proof" of geocentric model on background of successful prediction of solar eclipses by using of epicycle model of Ptolemy. While lack of exactness is apparent in every theory based on non-formal logic, such doublethink and lack of logic is less or more hidden problem of every formal approach as a manifestation of Gödel uncertainty theorem.

pondělí 10. listopadu 2008

AWT and worm holes

How the AWT can explain the so-called WMAP cold spot? At first, the CMB spot can be interpreted by many other ways, the model presented bellow is just one of many explanations possible, even in the scope of AWT itself. The WMAP cold spot is the coldest place of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) in the constellation of Eridanus, which is visible fully only from Southern hemisphere. The importance of CMB cold spot is given by the fact, it exhibits not only the lower CMB intensity/frequency, but the lower concentration of observable objects as well.

By famous astronomer Laura Mersini such "hole" can be interpreted as a manifestation of parallel Universe. Laura predicts, such cold spot should be observed even on another places. The Aether Wave Theory considers, the current Universe generation is sort of black hole-like artifact, which is sitting inside of another generation of Universe. In our universe the black holes are forming the binary systems (i.e. the quasar pair revolving each other) quite often, so it's possible, our Universe generation is part of such system, too. After then the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridge will be formed inbetween, which will appear as so-called wormhole from inside. From outside view the same stuff would appear like common vacuum, just with strong lensing effect.

Between pair of black holes the total reflection condition required for event horizon formation remains violated less or more totally, so that it’s possible to see from one universe/quasar into another one through “window”. The following pictures are illustrating such concept clearly, I hope.

From the above model follows, the black hole can be considered as a dense blobs of Aether and the event horizon is sort of total reflection phenomena. Inside of dense vacuum near black holes we can expect the stabilization of many highly energetic forms of matter, which are decomposing quickly under common conditions (including sterile electrons, magnetic monopoles, heavy quarks and strangelets, etc.).

The above model leads to a new interpretation of so called Einstein-Rosen bridge, which is generally considered as a sort of so-called the "worm hole". It illustrates clearly, such bridge forms a connection between pair of closely adjacent Universe generations. By AWT foam concept this doesn't means, both parts of universe must be separated completely. We can see on the scheme bellow, such bridge can connect only two distant "peninsulas" of our Universe generation.

Under more detailed view the black hole is behaving like giant quantum wave, which is undulating beneath the event horizon like elastic blob, so it can exchange their mass/energy in gravitation waves through hidden dimensions with its closest neighborhood. So that the nature of bridge can change with time accordingly and it can even disappear temporarily. This insight renders the closest Universe neighborhood as a rather dynamic systems with underlying inflation and corresponding baryogenesis or space/time ripping, instead.

sobota 8. listopadu 2008

Aether and beauty theory

By AWT the beauty is of evolutionary character, because just the evolution leads us to subconscious seeking of individuals, which are the most perspective with respect of information and energy spreading, i.e. with respect of further evolution. We are usually tend to believe, natural selection leads to averaging of most successful properties and the aesthetics is connected with perceiving of symmetry - but the latest research is demonstrating, the true is somewhat biased. The average faces and shapes are perceived as pleasant, but somewhat unattractive and boring, by the same way like perfectly symmetric ones, generated by computers (compare the photos of famous Cindy Crawford model bellow).

The another picture bellow is illustrating the average photo of sixty young women in its left part, while the sample of subjectively selected sample of fifteens most attractive faces on the right demonstrates, the pure average isn't a best criterion of natural beauty. Instead of this a slightly asymmetric faces, violated by beauty marks and another anomalies are perceived generally as most attractive ones.

By AWT the evolution leads to most temporal form of living matter, which can survive the changes of conditions and the most temporal forms of matter are formed by mass/energy density gradients, which are enabling the most effective energy/information spreading. This leads to the condensation of environment and formation of flat density fluctuations, forming the structure of nested foam. This is because the phase interface (a surface gradient) is just the place, where the energy can be spread by highest volume density. We can demonstrate it by using of water surface example: the water is of low compressibility, while the air is of low density. Therefore the water surface can spread most of energy during underwater explosions, because the highest concentration of density gradient is just here due the interference of longitudinal waves.

Therefore, a density gradients are formed inside of particle environment, whenever the energy density mediated by longitudinal waves between individual particles becomes insufficient for effective energy spreading. We can say, the particles are spreading energy collectively in causal density gradients, like collaborating intelligent creatures. The physicists are calling this process a condensation or - more generally - as a spontaneous symmetry breaking.

The newly formed density gradients have structure of foam, when the energy density increases, but under more thorough observation we can see, every membrane of foam is in fact formed by pair of tightly connected density gradients, i.e. phase interfaces. This arrangement is most stable with respect of further evolution and it's the reason of dual character of observable reality. The social system of living organisms is divided into two sexes, the political systems of two concurrent parties, even the world of physics is driven by two leading theories (relativity and quantum mechanics) and super-symmetry concept of two conjugated time arrows.

But because the energy spreading is constrained to density gradients, the duality symmetry is always violated, at least temporarily, which is known as a C/CP/CPT symmetry violation in physics (a fifth element or force). In context of evolution the pure average leads to best combination of genes, but the violation of this symmetry increases a probability of mutations, which are improving the ability of organism to resist occasional change of life conditions. As we can see, while requirements are mutually exclusive, just their combination can lead to the best fitness from long term perspective. From this point of view is significant, the individuals of mixed races are often perceived as being most attractive. Analogously, beauty-signs are related to ability/tendency of organism to undergo a mutations, albeit malign at times, being formed by melanocytic nevus.