úterý 9. září 2008

Sacred geometry and Aether concept

By AWT all structures inside of our Universe are formed as a "jammed structures" of another structures, recursively. The high degree of nested compactification is the source of complexity of observable reality. One of most remarkable features of AWT is its close connection to sacred geometry, the geometry of mutually cicPlatonic solids in the theory of five elements in particular - which is closely related to the heterosis of Aether foam by gradual compactification /condensation of foam gradients (membranes). During shaking of soap foam, the newly created density gradients are formed in the corners of existing ones and this process is completely reversible, if the foam bubbles are filled just by their own vapor:
The odd/atemporal/male (bosonic) symmetry alternates the even/temporal/female (fermionic) one during mutual heterosis. The most symmetric level of particle compactification possible leads to the solid dodecahedral structure of foam, assigned to Prana in Vedantic philosophy ("Aether" or vacuum). the foam bubbles can be approximated by platonic solids, where the dodecahedron is the most complex one in 3D space. The dark matter foam structure and E8 Lie group exhibits this symmetry too. The five-fold (A5) rotational symmetry of icosahedron serves as a symbol of water in sacred geometry of five elements in accordance to icosahedron symmetry of fluids, the glass and water clusters in particular.
The dodecahedron foam is the most regular lattice, which we can met inside of our 3D Universe generation and the number of condensation steps required for its formation is quite limited. Therefore the geometry of real foam driven by principle of least action remain close to dodecahedron structure. It still doesn't fit the 3D space completely, though - which is the reason, why M-theory operates in 10-dimensional space. The another condensation inside of dodecahedron will lead to cubic structure again and we can achieve the same structure by topological inversion of this structure, which follows to AdS5/CFT4 correspondence. The temperature of CMB (i.e. the interior of Universe) corresponds the Hawking radiation of black hole, whose lifespan corresponds the age of our Universe generation and the mass density of which corresponds energy density of vacuum (i.e. the 3rd power of Planck constant for 3D space perspective).

Logo of Aether Wave Theory

The circular infinity picture in the header is the "official" logo of AWT. It's illustrating the infinitely recursive fractal structure, formed by Kelvin-Helmholtz instability, which can be interpreted as a manifestation of dual nature of AWT, the particle-wave duality in particular (energy-matter, boson-fermion, male-female, even-odd, "ying-yang" principle) and the mechanism of space-time formation by nested condensation of waves into matter particles and vice-versa. The CFD simulation bellow illustrates this interesting phenomenon in action.

Tha resulting chain of vortices is sometimes called the Von Kármán street. Albeit the turbulence is generally connected with energy dissipation, the formation of vortex lattice decreases the friction in the surface layer instead, thus making the environment a bit superfluous by the same way, like the formation of quantized vortices in Bose-Einstein condensates. Therefore the AWT logo illustrates the superfluous nature of vacuum, too. Note the possible "extraterresterial origin" of graphics, created on July 27, 2001 in Rybury/Tann Hill, England...;-)

Aether and the definition of time

By AWT everything, what we can observe from reality are just a "changes", i.e. the Aether density gradients ("gradient driven" reality). This follows from analogy of particle gas or fluid, where only density gradients/fluctuation can be observed directly. This is because every density gradient is behaving like place, where particles of environment are moving in circles like particles bouncing at the undulating water surface. It "undulates at place" in compactified (hidden) dimensions, thus making "permanent changes", so it can be perceived as a atemporal, persistent entity/piece of reality. We can see, the phase transition is nothing else, then the compactification of underlying space-time. Note that the space dimension compactified becomes a time dimension in the space-time, which is formed by compactification of previous generation of "hyperspace" ("false vacuum"). This corresponds the relativistic perspective of the matter wave motion through space-time along geodesics, thus fulfilling Fermat's theorem. Note that the Fermat's theorem is consequence of Huyghens principle, which is the special case of principle of least action, which leads to the description of matter motion along geodesics as a Hamiltonian flow. By such way, the AWT explains clearly, what the time is and how it is related to the spatial dimensions. Ironically, it was Heidegger in his anti-philosophical work (Being and Time), who concretised time as the essence of "existence", whereas Einstein's relativistic stance might imply time's abstract nature.

In AWT the existence of space-time follows from asymmetry between spatial and time dimensions, which was created during Universe inflation. We can expect, from sufficiently distant perspective this asymmetry will be replaced by another one, because Universe is arranged randomly. By AWT the time is asymmetric, because it’s formed by density gradient of Aether. In analogy to local space-time with water surface, the space dimensions are the directions parallel with water surface, while the time is the direction normal (perpendicular) to this surface gradient - as such it’s always oriented from past to future (it exhibit's an "arrow").
The above animation illustrates, how the same phase transition occurs in more dimensions. We can see, the space-time formation is nothing else, then the condensation of matter into density gradients, forming this space-time. Note that the life on particularly stable/atemporal space-time (mem)brane implies the existence of pair conjugated time dimensions (1, 2, 3, 4), because the membranes of foam are consisting of pairs of surface gradients. The existence of more time dimensions can be derived by many ways. The backward time arrow is connected with negative (i.e. repulsing) gravity action and negative rest mass, for example. The particle of antimatter are living in backward time arrow partially: they're dissolve into radiation, while the particles of normal matter are condensing by their gravity. The existence of multiple time dimensions is related to the longitudinal energy spreading at higher of lower energy density. We can met with its analogy at the water surface, where the very small or large waves are of pronounced longitudinal character due the dispersion (compare the celerity/wavelength dependence for surface water waves).

The uncertainty of quantum mechanics follows from pronounced longitudinal wave spreading of energy between fluctuations of vacuum and it's manifestation of many time arrows of space-time convoluted at Planck scale (compare the Feynman's many path integral formalism). The vacuum foam tends to be formed by spherical bubbles after introducing of energy or near gravitating objects . The separation of surfaces forming the Aether foam (mem)branes and the path splitting of chiral bosons (light cones) at GUT energy scales (10+14 GeV) manifest itself like so called Faraday/Kerr and birefringence effect in vacuum. At high values of electrostatic or magnetic field near magnetars or inside of strong gravitational field of rotating black holes such birefringence leads to the formation of multiple event horizons / space-time branes.

In my understanding, inside our generation of observable Universe a two reciprocal time dimensions are dominant, related by 1:10{+500} duality at 1.27 cm scale. In AWT object is moving in time dimension, when it expands (to past) or collapses (to past) above 1.27 cm scale. For objects smaller then 1.27 cm the direction of both time arrow becomes reversed. For example diffusion, evaporation and/or condensation is a travel accros time dimension(s), as it requires transfer of energy (usually in form of inertial acelleration) without general change of spatial location.

Albert Einstein: "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once."