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Aether Wave Theory Introduction

Aether Wave Theory (AWT) is chaos based model of observable Universe based on luminiferous Aether model of Rene Descartes ("Principia Philosophiae", 1642), who proposed the Aether as an inertial particle environment, capable of energy spreading in waves. It's based on the assumption, the observable reality is recursively formed by scale invariant density gradients of hypothetical particle environment - so called the Aether. It's an extrapolation of "Boltzmann brain" concept: the complexity of density fluctuations in particle system can increase with mass/energy density of this system up to level, they may be able to interact/observe it's own environment by less or more consciouss way. AWT folllows ideas of discordian monism and pantheistic solipsism.

With compare to other Aether theories, AWT uses the assumption of (supposedly infinitely) high mass/energy density of Aether, which was proposed originally by Olivier J. Lodge ("Electric Theory of Matter", Harper Magazine. 1904), but if was later abandoned on behalf of formal theories, like relativity or quantum mechanics. The dense Aether concept follows from the fact, the light of very short wavelength cannot be mediated by sparse inertial environment in transversal waves.

The physical model of AWT is based on the assumption, the only observable portion of sufficiently dense inertial environment are the density gradients/fluctuations/waves of it - by the same way, like during observation of condensing supercritical fluid.

Inside of dense particle systems these fluctuations are similar to foam or sponge, being formed by heavily compacted density fluctuations of ideal Boltzmann gas. Most of energy is spreading along density gradients of such environment in transversal waves, i.e. by analogous way, like the light is spreading through vacuum.
These fluctuations can form a less or more continuous phase, which can exhibit another level of density fluctuations in the narrow range of conditions, when it behaves like foam or fluid, composed of fluctuations of another fluid. This Lifshitz point, which is used to model the triple point in condensed matter physics has increasing importancy in renormalization of quantum gravity and various cosmology models.

The AWT extrapolates such observation to the infinite mass/energy density under assumption, whole Universe is composed by infinite number of recursively nested levels of Aether density fluctuations. By AWT the level, which we are living in, is forming the observable generation of Universe. In certain sense is dual to whole contemporary physics, which is atemporal due its adherence to formal math language: "Physics is not about the 'why' of things but the 'how'". In comparison with physics, AWT is trying to explain origin of observable thing and phenomena in logical way and it doesn't care about formal regressions of reality.

Max Planck: "A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."

If it's true, then the another progress in physics just waits for your death impatiently, dear colleagues....;-)  Remember it, while valuing your contribution to contemporary physics..

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  1. This theory is either right or wrong, but I think is crank ;)

  2. Prof. Zephir,

    I have many questions about your theory of everything. You wrote:

    "Aether Wave Theory explains both relativity theory, both quantum theory and explains, how these theories are connected together. Explains the mutual positions of string theories, twistor and Quantum Loop Gravity theories too"

    but you did not write anything about if your theory could explain E8 Garret theory too.

    I'm worried because maybe your theory can't account for E8 Theory. Maybe E8 theory is wrong but if it is the correct theory of everything and Aether Wave Theory can't explain it then Aether Wave Theory would be wrong. Isn't it?

    In your web you wrote:

    "there is a lot of work to do on the background of math"

    But you didn't write about what types of math it must be used to explain your theory. Maybe it must be invented new mathematical tools or it's sufficient with the tools that we already exist. But if we need some new mathematical tool i wonder if there are enough good mathematicians. I want to say that if someone be able to do such work.

    I hope your response

    Thank you.

  3. Dear Paul,

    I'm afraid that you're a crackpot. Everything you have said is nonsense on stilts.
    First, you would have to understand AWT and then you write here.
    Prof. Zephir, I think that you should not get angry for this comment. Unfortunately, AWT seems to attract too little serious scientific discussion, and too much idiotic, unprofessional behaviour.

  4. Dear Paul,

    Albeit my work is not offered you the explanations about like the AWT works, in your case I'm going to make an exception ;-). First Let me to put the problem in a proper manner.

    AWT is a theory of everything based on pure and classical geometry. It's based on the great idea of the classical physics (XIX century). Namely the Aether. The Aether is the medium that makes up the space and the matter. But there is some precise mechanisms that achieve this task. The great idea of Zephir was to explain the Aether by means of the wave mechanics. Well, we must be careful with the wave concept. The waves what we are talking about are not like the waves that we can obtain from Maxwell theory of electromagnetism. They are another sort of waves. Like waves of the water surface. They aren't electromagnetic waves but rather mechanics waves. So AWT is closely related with the geometry, (nearest than General Relativity too) . Better AWT is geometry itself ;-). How space and time arise from AWT is clear:
    1) The space dimensions arise from liquid surface in a process called condensation of supercritical vapor. The vapor is the same stuff that the aether ;-). The space dimensions have a curvature. From this curvature arise the gravity interaction.
    2) Each convolution of the gravity interaction generates a new temporal dimension too.
    Clearly we have a space of 12 dimensions. If you want more details about this topic you would see the Zephir's page:

    where you can found all this matter and it provide a marvellous physics picture.

    But the most important, we can explain another fields of physics using AWT. For example the Lorentz contraction can be explained from the mechanics of AWT. We not need additional postulates unlike Special Relativity ;-). Moreover we can explain Uncertainty principle by means of AWT too. Indeed, so far we have seen that the space has a wave nature. But the particles arise from the space. Therefore, particles manifest a wave behaviour themselves. This is nothing but Uncertainty principle. As you can see, we deduce QM (and QFT and Standard Model too), Special Relativity and General Relativity (i.e. Gravity) from AWT in a simply way. It can be shown that all physic known to date is particular case of AWT ;-).

  5. Prof. Zephir

    Thank you very much for you response. I also think that AWT is the correct theory of everything. Unfortunately, there is a lot of excepticism on this theory in the physics community. The origin of this reticence is none other but the Cophenage Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics (also call the Orthodox Interpretation). The Cophenage Interpretation tell us that our better knowledge of the physics reality is only probabilistic. It is a completely misunderstood. I am not saying that the Orthodox Interpretation is wrong. I'm just saying that it is unfinished. Great physicist like Einstein try to finalize this task using the hidden variables theories. Despite many physics laughed him, he continued to work towards the unification of the basic concepts of physics. But many of them stopped laughing when David Bohm construct the first hidden variables theory. Namely the Bohmian mechanics (also known like de Broglie-Bohm theory) . In Wikipedia is said:

    "The Bohm interpretation can be thought of as taking its cue from what one sees in the laboratory, say, in a two-slit experiment with electrons. We can see localized flashes whenever an electron is detected at some place on the screen. The overall pattern made by many such flashes is governed by a pattern closely matched by simple wave dynamics. Bohm and de Broglie posited that in the world of quantum phenomena, every kind of particle is accompanied by a wave which guides the motion of the particle, hence the term pilot wave."

    AWT is a concrete realization of Bohmian mechanics. AWT also is a great breakthrough in the correct way. Indeed, Bohmian mechanics was unable to explain the gravity interaction unlike AWT. I think that Zephir's insight about AWT can lead us toward the final answer. His main breakthrough in this matter are:

    1) The concrete realization of Bohmian mechanics.
    2) The unification of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity in a self-consistency theory.
    3) Zephir showed us that moderm physics is a different interpretation of classical physics. And he showed us that the classical physics arises from the classical geometry.

    Thanks to Zhepir the Einsten's dream can be achieved. Prof. Zephir is the great Czech physicist of XXI Century.

    Thanks Prof. Zephir :-).

  6. Prof. Zephir,

    Sorry for my poor English, I am from Spain and I don't speak English very well.

    But the important thing is that today is a great day:


  7. /*..I am trying to model the aether fluid in a 12D Riemannian manifold..*/

    As the AWT is quite common, it doesn't use any particular metric or number of dimensions. So you can start the AWT modelling by particle fluctuations of fluctuations... in just 3D dimensions providing every particle can move in any arbitrary direction freely.

    The number three of dimensions follows from the geometry of particle packing (just 3D hypersheres can achieve most compact surface packing) - not from some postulates.

    It means, in the nested field of colliding particle fluctuations just the 3D fluctuations and their interactions will be prefered, because they can lead to the most effective geometry with respect of the energy spreading via surfaces.

  8. Remark on energy density of vacuum

  9. Reference to Oliver Lodge early work about dense aether concept

  10. Ernst Haeckel coined the term “dysteleology” to describe the idea that the universe has no ultimate goal or purpose.