pátek 19. září 2008

Aether and theory of evolution

AWT is ideology independent, i.e. evolutionary theory by the same way, like the creationistic one - being just a duality based theory. While AWT considers, the evolution of living matter is just continuation of the evolution of non-living matter, the emergent phenomena (the phase transition in particular) following from geometry density fluctuations packing leads to the creationistic aspects as well. The phase transition is the result of cumulation/compactification of density gradients at the moment, the surface energy spreading becomes singular/normal to the bulk one.

Because the density gradients are immanent part of observable reality, we cannot avoid the singularities and the phase transitions as well. Being formed by Aether compactification, the singularities appears less common then the gradualistic phase of matter evolution, but it's only illusion. The total amount of space closed inside matter of galaxies and black holes is probably very close to the volume of "neighboring" vacuum, it's just compacted. From this perspective even the Big-Bang and inflation events are gradualistic process - despite the time asymmetry, as perceived from inside of space-time generation, which is formed by it. We should be prepared to find the signs of proceeding inflation process near giant black holes and quasars.

By AWT the evolution of living matter has occurred via condensation of foamy phase by the same way, like the phase transitions of vacuum. From this perspective the classical Oparin's theory based on coacervate (inverse micelles, liposomes) condensation appears most fast and as such probable. Note the striking similarity between nested phase transform of supercritical foam and the foam of inverse micelles in dispersion of diluted surfactant solution (mostly phospholipids). The repeated shaking of oily protein dispersion at the surface of ancient oceans makes proper conditions for fast evolutionary breeding and selection of micelles by their surfactant concentration/production speed. We can even assume the active locomotion of oily droplets and various coalescence phenomena in this phase due surface tension. By such way, these primitive physical system exhibits most of signs characteristic for living matter even et the very beginning of its biochemical evolution in the wide range of conditions.

From AWT perspective, the cellular foam of tissues of living organism is direct analogy of Aether foam characterized by interactions in many nested dimensions and both they're surface tension driven. The surface density gradients (branes) separating cells are manifestation of space-time compactification (a space-time frozen) due prolonged period of their evolution in both cases. And the fractal nested hierarchy of cells in complex organisms and their colonies (Volvox globator) corresponds the surface driven hierarchy of atoms and atom nuclei, composed from quarks, etc...

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  1. very interesting art but not science at all---waves are definitely made of Higgs particlea and need your artistic help as such really bad! Hate to see such visual genius wasted on just art!